Wasp Wand ™

Safely Remove Stinging Wasps and Hornets From a Distance!

Wasp Wand in Packaging Wasp Wand in Use

Welcome to Wasp Wand by J & J Genius! Glad you could stop by to let us show you the safest and best method in stinging insect removal! So many of us wish we had longer arms to reach the hives and nests of stinging wasps, bees and hornets with spray insecticides without getting stung. Now J & J Genius has turned your dreams into reality with the Wasp Wand.

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About The Wasp Wand ™

This sturdy, but lightweight, non-conductive fiberglass wand extends to 8.5 ft. and allows you to reach to 2nd and 3rd story eaves and soffits. Being closer to the target improves spray aim which means getting the job done faster. Better precision also means fewer repeats which saves your pocketbook on having to buy additional products. Since safety is important to us, Wasp Wand was designed to extend to higher places without needing to climb up dangerous or wobbly ladders on sometimes uneven ground. The long reach of Wasp Wand also protects users from inhaling accidental blow back since the spray is farther away.

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